Our Services


Incident Management

It is a fact of life that a small number of guests will have an accident or become ill whilst on holiday. If you involve us from the first moment you become aware of such a situation, we can ensure that everything which should be done is done. We will ensure that all the relevant information and evidence is gathered so that if a claim is received in the future we are able to offer a strong and fully supportive defence if appropriate. Remember that a customer from the UK has 3 years from the “incident date” to make a claim (or 3 years after the 18th birthday for a child). The cost of claims can run into tens of thousands of pounds and claims are regularly settled simply because the correct information and supporting evidence was not gathered at the time. Preparation is key….

We can:

  • Deliver Incident Management Training
  • Provide a guide for your staff to follow covering a wide variety of incidents to ensure consistency of approach and best practice.
  • Offer direct support to you during, or directly following, an incident either remotely or in person if more serious.



Claim Management

Our wealth of experience in this field will prove invaluable to you. We can provide a full claim management service to you or handle individual claims on your behalf, whether received directly or via a UK Tour Operator.

Our knowledge of UK Travel Law, past case histories and the EU Package Travel Regulations puts us in a truly advantageous position. By dealing with incidents effectively from the onset, and by carrying out a thorough risk assessment on each case, we will be in a position to provide a swift defence, providing supporting evidence and documentation. If a claim arises that we are unable to defend, we can quickly suggest a settlement strategy that will limit legal costs. It is a lesser-known fact that legal costs generally far outweigh any compensation or “damages” that the customer receives and can typically represent 80% of the total claim settlement cost.

By providing you with detailed reports we can identify any areas of weakness or training needs, learn from past mistakes, assess future potential liability and celebrate successes.


Financial Recoveries

If you are approached by a tour operator wishing to recover compensation from you, we will look into each and every case thoroughly, carry out the appropriate investigations, ensuring that you never pay compensation unnecessarily. We know that every penny, cent, dollar, counts….

Guest Welfare

The aftercare and support that a guest receives following an accident, illness or other serious incident can often make the difference between a formal claim for compensation being pursued or not. In the event that a guest does decide to make a claim it is often the case that this becomes apparent quickly and early engagement can result in any such claim being resolved swiftly and effectively, avoiding expensive legal costs.

In-house Complaint Resolution

Holiday makers, like everyone else, expect that things can go wrong from time to time. Such a situation provides the opportunity to delight and “wow” a guest, or lose them forever.

To ensure that the right approach is taken to any negative guest feedback, regardless of how large or small, we will work with you to produce a complaint handling matrix, tailor made to your requirements. This will enable a consistent approach to complaint handling on the ground, often with the solution having no financial impact on your organisation. We can provide training to the relevant staff and create a culture of treating all feedback as a gift.

Additionally we can take the weight off your shoulders and deal with any formal complaints made after a customer’s holiday has come to an end. Whether that complaint is made directly by the guest or through a tour operator or third party. We will answer complaints and/or provide the relevant information (with the support of your team on the ground) to tour operators, to ensure they have all the information needed to deal with complaints on your behalf effectively. This will reduce the risk of paying monies unnecessarily and will always reflect your brand values and our ethos of maximising guest recovery, whilst minimising the cost of compensation to your business.

Social Media Feedback

As we all know, the power of social media has never been so great and can either be a wonderful tool for hoteliers or their worst enemy. Holiday makers now place such great emphasis on the experience of others, carrying out their own research before confirming their holiday plans. Whether it be Trip Advisor, Twitter or Facebook we will know when to make a comment and offer a response and when it is best to say nothing at all. Reasonable people accept that things can and do go wrong from time to time and are often far more interested in how things are “put right”. Our expertise can make the difference between someone choosing your hotel or looking elsewhere for their next holiday arrangements.

Staff & Management Training

We can provide training that is right for you and your business. Tailor made to enhance your current and future focus and covering all aspects of incident, claim and complaint management.

Our courses will enable your teams to be proactive as opposed to reactive, addressing the root cause of claims and complaints.

We will

  • Increase your team’s understanding of UK Law and the EU Package Travel Regulations.
  • Share and learn from successes and also discuss and agree where more could be done to further protect your position.
  • Help shape best practice for the future and ensure consistency of approach across all areas of your operation.

Complaint Analysis & Reduction

Through a comprehensive site visit, and with the support and involvement of your relevant management team, we will gain a thorough understanding of your current complaint and claim profile and the risks both financial and to your brand.

We will identify the true cost of complaints and claims to you now. From here, working with you, we will identify both quick wins as well as develop a longer term strategy to improve guest satisfaction and reduce the cost of compensation to your organisation.